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1. Make Your Website More Valuable
Give your prospects clear reasons to choose your company by focusing on what really sets you apart from your competition … the things you can do that no one else does. Then give prospects and clients a reason to come back to your site by posting useful information, like market updates.

2. Get Found Online
When business decision makers want to find a new service or vendor, they often start their search on the web. To make sure your company shows up on the top of Google, Bing, and Yahoo results pages, identify the key words that best describe your business and make sure they appear across all pages on your site.

3. Invest in a Pay-Per-Click Online Campaign
“Pay-per-click ads” appear at the top and right sides of search engine results pages. They get their name because you pay a pre-set amount each time a searcher clicks on your ad. The amount you pay, and where your ad is listed on the search results page, are determined by a bidding system.

4. Build Your Local Network
The more involved you become in your local community, the more awareness you can build for your company – awareness that can lead to referrals. Join and get involved with your Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, and business networking groups. Become a board member of a local nonprofit. Sponsor a community event.

5. Build Your Prospect List
Every business needs a large, up-to-date list of prospective customers to use for cold calls, direct mail, and other marketing activities. You can get lists of local businesses from data companies, and then add your own network and referral names. Keep your list up to date – using information that’s out of date can reflect poorly on your business.

6. Generate Leads with Direct Mail
Put your marketing message directly into the hands of prospective customers with a direct mail program. Give them a reason to call you – offer a free energy analysis for their business on a report on electricity rates. And focus on the benefits of your company – how they will save time or money working with you.

7. Step Up Your Social Media
More and more businesses are making social media a part of their marketing plans. Become a LinkedIn member, and after you meet with a prospective customer, ask them to join your network. Join LinkedIn groups in your community. Post energy-saving ideas for businesses on a regular basis.

8. Communicate Regularly
Business people are busy people. And your call or direct mailing may not reach them right before their contract renewal. Communicating with your prospect list on a quarterly, or even monthly basis, builds awareness for your company. And gives you the best possible shot of being top of mind when they have a need.

9. Become the Industry Expert
Business people want to work with people who are experts in their field. Offer to speak about energy saving strategies at local business association meetings. Write a business energy advice blog. Hold an energy “lunch and learn” session at a local restaurant.

10. Finally, Set a Goal and Work It
The most successful way to market your company is to set a prospecting goal for your company and work it every week. Schedule your marketing activities – website updates, social media posts, direct mail programs, speaking engagements, networking events, cold-calls, pay-per-click campaigns – on a monthly calendar and check off your progress every week.

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