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Servant Energy just finished our first week in business and it was an amazing week.  We have been presented with numerous opportunities both on a potential customer side as well as strategic partnerships and product standpoint that really is exciting for a youg start-up. Please keep in mind that we had this great week even though the phones and internet were not even up until Friday.  Verizon could not get it right when they came out last Friday, but it was not anything that I even stressed over or worried about.  I had the same thing happen on other moves with my former company so I was use to potential hiccips.  I feel we have a great team with some very strong strategic alliances already in place.  We attended on THursday the NTGC Green Energy Summit that was a great networking event and learning some great info on all energy fronts.  Thursday seemed like a day that everything worked out starting with 2 huge sales calls that morning with some former clients of mine and ending with a dinner with the Servant Team as well as a strategic partner and a few potential clients.  On Friday it was another key meeting that if it we can add this potential client partner, than it would make our year with things just beginning.  We are in a good place with good people and partners that I can see myself having lifetime relationships.

I am truly amazed as well as very passionate about the energy business.  I want to be a value partner but I  want to help businesses save money and to give them the knowledge to make informed decisions.  Next week is a new week but the potential for our company is limitless.  We hold our own destiny and that destiny looks as though we hold the key to our potential.  I like it – I lke it a lot!


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It has been a very hectic and long 9 months with lots of long nights, long weekends, and countless ours not only running my company, but putting together a launch for a new energy company that I been planning for some time. I had co-founded my company, Rocky Duron & Associates with my dad Rocky, over 20 years ago and i was letting go of security, financial freedom, and a legacy which I had to let go of so I cold achive this nex step.  This new chapter of my life was something I had taken very serioualy making sure we were well planned and executed.

I know I am a little crazy but is  believing in one’s self and my abilitites plus knowing that a well executed business plan in a indust that I had gained a belief and passion for in helping companies and people to help them reduce costs.  Servant Energy Partners launches on Monday (5/3), and it has taken every ounce of my energy to get to this point. I am confident, I am prepared, and am I am ready. To get to this point is a proud achievement and I am excited about the challenges and opportunities that await.  We will strive to be a true “Energy Partner” to our suppliers, our strategic dealers and asscoiations, and most of all our customers while instilling in our workplace creative ideas and for all to take ownership of Servant.  What lies ahead will be a journey we are looking for, but everyhting I have done up to now has prepared me for this moment.  Having the support of my family which includes my dad (co-founded company with him in 1987)and brother who I worked with at RDA for the last 10 years and will take over running RDA and to my wife Shelley who has seen the endless nights and weekends where I was putting this together but continued to give me support and love along the way.  This is going to be an exciting ride with Mike Saxon, my partner, and the rest of the team.  Now it is time to go “Just do it”!  I hope I am writing in 3-6 months about how we things are going.  I know it will not be because of lack of trying! 

Here to Serve,

Ruben M. Duron

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